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Our favourites from the new IKEA catalogue 2018

We can’t wait to get our hands on everything from the 2018 IKEA catalogue

It’s that time of year again, we mark it out in our calendars and hold our breath in avid anticipation. The launch of the new IKEA catalogue is like Christmas come early, the design highlight of our year. The IKEA catalogue 2018 is themed ‘make room for life’ highlighting people, rather than products. The brand hopes to inspire customers ‘to look beyond the walls of their homes and create a comfortable space for the important things in their lives, whether it be family and friends or nature and relaxation.’

That’s something that we can totally get on board with; comfort and relaxation rank very highly in our books. The idea of fluidity; a personalised living space that can be adapted and customised is what Bemz is founded upon. So without further ado here are our favourite products from the new IKEA catalogue 2018.


Bet you didn’t see that one coming?! As sofa covers are our bread and butter it should come as no surprise that the IKEA Vimle sofa series is amongst our favourite pieces from the new IKEA catalogue 2018. Now guys, this is a *real* sofa, the epitome of a sofa, one of those sofas that you can’t wait to throw yourself into after a long day’s work. It’s streamlined, yet boxy at the same time and it’s modular so you can totally customise it to suit your needs and preferences. Now imagine that beauty with a sophisticated Bemz cover in a sophisticated pinstripe or luxe velvet. Who knows, the IKEA Vimle might be added to our repertoire very soon! Stay tuned for our IKEA Vimle sofa review. 


Now, if you’re anything like us you’ll be first in line for the October release of the Ypperlig collaboration with the Danish design-powerhouse HAY. To be fair the whole Ypperlig collection is to die for, with the brand’s signature minimalist aesthetic, soft hues, clean lines and birch wood accents. But as die-hard sofa buffs, it’s the Ypperlig sleeper sofa that really got our juices going. How fab would it be with a removeable and washable Bemz cover in linen?  If you agree, let us know and it just might get added to our line up...


As y’all know personalisation is our jam - we live for it, literally. So the IKEA Svalnäs wall shelves from the IKEA catalogue 2018 are right up our alley. This wall-mounted storage unit is completely adaptable to suit your needs and with its uncanny resemblance to the high-end String shelving system with its pronounced brackets and sleek shelves, we are sold. Added bonus: styling the perfect #shelfie has never been easier.


The new IKEA Gjöra bed frame is making all of our childhood four-post bed dreams come to life in a chic, modern setting. With its neutral colour palette and artfully layered linens this Japanese-inspired bedroom is giving us all of the *feels*. Drape fabrics or hang curtains off the taller end of the bed to create that cozy cocoon-like feel. For added comfort add a Bemz bedspread and some throw pillows.


We obviously had to add another sofa to the list of our favourite new products from the 2018 IKEA catalogue. The Ekebol sofa boasts storage shelves and wire mesh to hang things on - a real focal point in any room. It’s cool, industrial-style frame and boxy cushions perfectly blend form and function. An added bonus is the fact that the cover is removable and washable (just like the sofa covers at Bemz). We must admit we’d love the look of one of our covers on this covetable piece.