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An interview with Saša Antić

It's safe to say interior stylist and set decorator Saša Antić has nailed the whole interiors, trend-spotting and styling thing. Bemz sat down with him to pick his brains about the latest insider tips and tricks.


Interior stylist and set decorator, Saša Antić splits his time between Stockholm and New York, working all over the world. Saša's resume is impressive to say the least, having worked with major power players such as IKEA, H&M Home, West Elm, Vogue and Elle Decoration.

It's safe to say that he's nailed the whole interiors, trend-spotting and styling thing. Therefore it was a no brainer to tap into his knowledge and pick his brains about the latest insider tips and tricks.

Saša was also a guest judge for the Bemz Design Award 2016, and styled our latest video campaign, here and here.

Saša, tell us a bit about yourself?

SA: I'm a very curious person; my motto is “if you don’t ask, how will you know?” I’m based in Stockholm and New York, but I work all over the world. A self taught, passionate design-lover with a hell of an eye for future trends…
B: What inspires you?
SA: Art, exhibitions, travel, fashion, music, movies and most of all nature!
B: You styled our latest video. There were four themes - can you tell us a bit about them?
SA: There were four different cities: Tokyo, New York, Marrakech and Milan. We wanted to show how easy it is to change a sofa cover and completely change the vibe of a room. No matter where in the world you may be.
B: You were given a blank slate - what inspired your curation and which was your favourite theme?
SA: I love the serenity in Tokyo, but also the pattern mix in Milan. Overall, I think it we created four very different styles, each one with their own significant expression…
B: Your personal interior style?
SA: I'm very into Bauhaus, 1930 right now - the colours, the design and its functionalism. Very inspiring.
B: What are the latest interior design trends?
SA: I would say velvet, in all shapes and forms. People are longing for darker colours and more earthy tones, heavy textiles and cosiness. 

B: Your favourite pro-styling tip?
SA: Take your time, don't rush things and always listen to your gut feeling - no matter what people say. And always have a good pair of sharp scissors in your tool bag.
B: In the world of interiors, trends come and go almost as quickly as on the fashion scene. What is your advice for transitional home decor that will stand the test of time? How do you keep your home from looking dated?
SA: I would say art! Art is very personal and significant of whom you are as a person. Don’t be a slave to the trends. The easiest and most efficient way to stay timeless is the idea that you guys have with Bemz. The possibility to change your cover on a piece like your sofa, for example is genius! Big furniture is almost always expensive, so just changing the colour or fabric will make a huge impact.
B: What is on your autumnal wish list?
SA: I want to go to Mexico and get inspired. I'm also starting to shoot pictures myself, so I'm looking forward to getting into that! And of course getting more into the American scene of interiors.
B: Do you gravitate to a particular style and/or colour scheme, or are you a mix and match styles kind of guy?
SA: I'm totally a mix of it all! I go with my gut feeling and what I get inspired by. I love mixing prints, patterns and material. I love textiles in any shape or form; it's so alive and poetic in so many ways. I think if you are a good stylist/creative person you should be like a chameleon - able to change into any form or style.
B: Small space styling cues?
SA: I think you should decorate a small apartment, as you would a bigger one. I really don't like 'smart' compact living solutions. I want to have a real home no matter how small it is. If that means that I have to compromise by having fewer things, so be it.
B: Sustainability and design how do they mix? And how important is it for you?
SA: I think we should all work with sustainability and think about what things are made of or how we can be kinder to our planet. Use and re-use.
B: Your favourite room to style?
SA: Bedroom and bathroom.
B: Your ideal day?
SA: Breakfast in bed. Snuggle with someone I'm into. Art exhibition, good lunch and then dinner and drinks with good friends.

B: Stockholm or New York?
SA: I LOVE both, each in their own way. Stockholm, because everything is so beautiful, clean and works, over all, and New York for it's pulse, people, art, food and poetry.


City: Marrakech


City: Milan


City: New York


City: Tokyo