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 In conversation with Trendenser

Frida Ramstedt on how she turned her passion into a full time job, her design philosophy and all-time favourite styling cues.


Stylist and trendspotter, Frida Ramstedt is the brains behind Trendenser, one of the largest and oldest interior design blogs in Sweden. With her signature, Scandinavian aesthetic and refined eye, it is no wonder that her blog has garnered such a huge following.

We partnered with Trendenser to update an old, sorry-looking IKEA sofa with a luxe grey velvet cover in a chic industrial-meets-art-deco style setting. Naturally we jumped on the opportunity to tap into her knowledge about the latest trends, sustainable design and style cues.

How would you describe Trendenser?

FR: Trendenser is one of Scandinavia’s biggest interior design blogs. I have been blogging for over 12 years (!) and support myself as a fulltime blogger, which means that I have more time to spend on writing posts on a daily basis. I regularly post inspirational content and images from Scandinavian homes, I try to focus on sustainable and environmentally-friendly consumption.

B: Why did you start Trendenser?

FR: I started Trendenser out of my small, 9 square metre dormitory while studying Economics because I wanted to write my dissertation on IKEA. It did the trick, and I eventually landed a job at IKEA’s advertising agency Forsman & Bodenfors, where I worked for a couple of years. However, I kept the blog alive as it was my passion. By 2011 the revenue from the blog was higher than my monthly salary, so I decided to quit my day job and invest all my time in my hobby. It’s such a luxury to be able to work with my greatest interest and I am so happy and grateful everyday!

B: What are the latest interior design trends?

FR: There are several trends at the moment, the colour spectrum is shifting toward more earthy tones after a very grey, monochrome period. We also see the emergence of elegant silhouettes and details, an art deco feel with pedestals and glass tables as well as sculptural shapes and large statement artwork. However, the greatest movement is our desire for more sustainable, eco-friendly design alternatives.

B: Are these trends a reflection of the times?

FR: Absolutely. We live in uneasy times, our home is our sanctuary where we surround ourselves with warm, comforting colours and details that reflect our personality. I also think that the “trend” of choosing environmentally-friendly products is driven by climate change, an issue that we can no longer ignore.

B: How important is sustainability for you?

FR: Very important, as it should be for everyone. It’s a borderless issue that all countries and all people share, regardless of where they live. We can’t continue believe that we’re not affected by what goes on on the other side of the world - everything is connected.

B: Small space styling cues?

FR: Smart solutions and multi-functional furniture.

B: What inspires you?

FR: Grounded people who dare to stand out. I like Ilse Crawford's interior design philosophy and Nirvan Richter's approach to design. "Sensual Homes" by Ilse and Nirvan’s "Hur kan inredning vara viktigt när världen ser ut som den gör” (which translates to: How can interiors be important when the world looks like it does) are two amazing decor books that really inspire me. Read them.

B: Do you gravitate to a particular style or are you a mix and match styles kinda gal?

FR: I was born and raised in the dark north of Sweden, so I’m drawn to the light. I have a penchant for Scandinavian design and have collected many classics over the years, both furniture and lighting. I don’t like it looking too flat, so I mix and match patterns and colours. This doesn’t really come across on my blog (everyone thinks I’m a diehard monochrome fan because of what my studio looks like) but people to who have been to my home know what I mean.

B: Your favourite pro-styling tip?

FR: A bit of a cliche, but listen to your intuition. Think of your favourite childhood memories; the smells, tastes and colours. Restore them in your home. Or at least try to trigger an emotive response with the help of external stimuli and decor - to make if feel good, not only look good.

B: What is your favourite colour?

FR: Green. It goes with everything.