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An interview with super stylist Pella Hedeby

With her signature minimal, Nordic aesthetic Pella is one of Sweden’s most sought after interior designers. We jumped on the opportunity to tap into her knowledge about the latest trends and insider tips and tricks.

Stylist extraordinaire Pella Hedeby has made quite a name for herself, having worked with major power players such as IKEAH&M Home and Residence Magazine. Over the years Pella has nailed the whole high-and-low mix with a distinct Nordic aesthetic. With the use of a few simple ingredients, Pella creates personality-packed spaces that look insanely luxe and effortless at the same time. 

We enlisted the help of Pella to update and extend the life of an ol’ Klippan sofa - it was barely recognisable after it’s stylist-approved makeover. She was kind enough to chat with us about her favourite styling tips, inspiration and the latest interior design trends. 

Pella, tell us a bit about yourself.

PH: I'm a 40 year ‘young’ ;) Swedish interior stylist and blogger. Living in the countryside outside of Stockholm with my love, our two children and a bonus kid (how we refer to step-children in Sweden). I love our calm surroundings, which contrast with my very hectic life and work schedule.

B: Your resumé is pretty impressive to say the least, how did you start off?

PH: I've always worked with decor, designing the interior of newly built houses for many years. It was challenging and slightly limiting at times so I started the blog as a creative outlet, to express and explore what I really like and am inspired by.

I am a trained decorator and took Lotta Agaton’s Interior Stylist Master Class. The course was an excellent opportunity to fine hone my skills as a stylist and interior designer, create new contacts and continue to pursue my dream with great passion and energy - despite fierce competition.

B: Your favourite client up to date? And your dream client?

PH: That’s a difficult question - I've done so many cool collaborations with some great companies and photographers lately. One of my favourites, was working with Melo Studio together with my friend Sara Medina Lind, who’s an art director and photographer. We have a similar aesthetic; always drawn to the same soft, minimal expression that I'm so fond of. We also collaborated on the sustainability project with Bemz, which was a really fun and genuine campaign.

B: Your favourite pro-styling tip?

PH: Less is more. Use a stylish centerpiece to work around. Add personal favorites, inspirational pictures, an item of clothing or a beautiful twig. Anything goes. Make a moodboard to determine your style, what colours, materials and shapes you prefer and then stick to the plan.

B: What are the latest interior design trends?

PH: I'm not one for following obvious trends - I prefer to follow my gut feeling. Also trends are trends for a reason, they come and go. I strive to be more personal; who are you? And what do you like?

I think we will see - and need to see - an even more sustainable approach to interior design moving forward. Buying new is so unfashionable - pre-loved is the way to go. Personal and more conscious choices are definitely the future.

B: Is this a reflection of the times?

PH: Yes - we need to find balance and harmony in our homes and lives due to our hectic lifestyles and modern day musts.

B: Sustainability and design - how do they mix? And how important is it for you?

PH: We are seeing an influx of more sustainable options on the market. Designers and architects are very much aware of the importance of sustainable design these days. And as consumers we need to further influence this development with our buying habits.

B: What inspires you?

PH: Nature, stylish people, inspirational imagery. I'm a Pinterest addict.

B: Do you gravitate to a particular style or are you a mix and match kinda gal?

PH: I've pretty much stayed true to my aesthetics over the years: simplistic, (I often refer to myself as a wannabe minimalist) natural materials and a soft, neutral palette. I love feeling that I've found my style and will continue to like the same things for years to come.

B: What is your favourite color?

PH: OK, this might mean that I'm a slave to the trends: I've abandoned gray this season - for a pure neutral beige.