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Bemz in the press

The Most Glam IKEA Hack Ever

This hack is so haute.

2017.04.05 - Lonny

Looks like our fave minimalist IKEA is going glam! Bemz and Tom Dixon joined forces to create a line of unique textile covers to change up IKEA's new DELAKTIG convertible sofa and the results were seriously haute.

"We have developed an extra furry cover in brownish black Icelandic long-haired sheepskin destined to transform the DELAKTIG sofa from a hyper-normal IKEA product into a super-texture Tom Dixon seating sculpture," says Dixon. "This illustrates in the most extreme way the transformative nature of the project, where a new cover manufactured by Bemz can completely change the character of your sofa through the power of design. A previously sensible, minimal and rational bed sofa transforms into a moody dark and tactile animal.”
While the Bemz DELAKTIG covers will range in style, this particular design was released as a centerpiece of the collection for Milan Design Week. “The one-of-a-kind haute couture cover is a symbol of both brands’ values - incorporating design, craftsmanship and innovation into one iconic piece that represents our vision for the collaboration,” says Lesley Pennington, CEO of Bemz.

Unfortunately, the full collection will not be released to the public until 2018. In the meantime, we'll be here dreaming about all the pretty covers.

The article originally appeared in Lonny 04/05/2017 by Shelby Wax. Read the original article here.