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Tom Dixon's First "Hack" for IKEA's Open-Source DELAKTIG Sofa is Here...& It's Seriously OTT

After nine months of teasing the collaboration, IKEA is finally giving us a full look at DELAKTIG, the hackable, open source sofa Tom Dixon has designed for the Swedish retailer.

Earlier this April during Milan Design Week, Bemz, the Swedish textile company that creates retrofit furniture covers for IKEA pieces, announced their plans to work with British designer Tom Dixon on a future line for the DELAKTIG sofa, which he helped dream up with the team at IKEA. Though the endlessly "hackable" sofa isn't due out until early 2018, Dixon and Bemz are already hard at work conceiving designs that will be launched in conjunction with the introduction of DELAKTIG. Their first idea? The pet-like furry friend you see here.


Technically, this shaggy sofa cover is a one of a kind, created specifically for the announcement in Milan, and not something that will actually be offered by Bemz, the first company to officially "hack" the bed/sofa.

"We have developed an extra furry cover in brownish black Icelandic long-haired sheepskin destined to transform the DELAKTIG sofa from a hyper-normal IKEA product into a super-texture Tom Dixon seating sculpture," says Dixon in an article for Lonny. "This illustrates in the most extreme way the transformative nature of the project, where a new cover manufactured by Bemz can completely change the character of your sofa through the power of design. A previously sensible, minimal and rational bed sofa transforms into a moody dark and tactile animal."

Dixon's iconic glam style comes through the OTT haute-couture concept loud and clear, making us super excited about what will likely be an uberchic collection upon its release next year.

The article originally appeared in Apartment Therapy 04/19/2017 by Arlyn Hernandez. Read the original article here.