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Sofa covers for the IKEA Stockholm couch series

Extra or replacement IKEA Stockholm sofa covers for all discontinued IKEA Stockholm couches, including all versions of discontinued 2 seater Stockholm loveseat covers and 3 seater & 3.5 seater Stockholm couch covers.

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Bemz replacement IKEA Stockholm sofa covers & Stockholm couch covers (for the first discontinued series)

The IKEA Stockholm sofa has appeared in many styles over the years and Bemz makes cloth/fabric replacement IKEA Stockholm couch covers for both discontinued versions. The first and original versions of the IKEA Stockholm 2 seater sofa and IKEA Stockholm 3 seater sofa have a classic 1980’s charm and still have a devoted fan base due to their premium quality and attention to craftsmanship - even though they’ve been discontinued for many years. They have a curvaceous silhouette, generous proportions and cushy overstuffed seat and back cushions. Unlike most other IKEA couches, the first discontinued version of IKEA Stockholm sofa covers are not removable. Bemz sofa covers for this version slip easily over the existing IKEA Stockholm couch cover and are available in both Bemz Regular Fit and Loose Fit Country styles. 

Bemz replacement IKEA Stockholm sofa covers and Stockholm couch covers (for the second discontinued series)

The second discontinued version of the IKEA Stockholm sofa is still the grande dame of IKEA sofas due to its deep and spacious seating. With its straight lines and slightly tilted armrest angles, it’s become a Scandinavian design classic and is still as popular as ever, even though it’s discontinued at IKEA. Bemz makes replacement IKEA Stockholm sofa covers for this second discontinued series of the Stockholm 3.5 seater sofa  and the Stockholm 3 seater sofa. The second discontinued series of the IKEA Stockholm couch does have removable fabric sofa covers. Bemz replacement IKEA Stockholm couch covers for this second discontinued series of IKEA Stockholm couches are only available in Bemz Regular Fit. 

The lowdown on Bemz sofa covers for IKEA Stockholm couches

When it comes to describing IKEA Stockholm sofa covers, it’s not exactly straightforward. Just to be extra clear, there is in fact a leather sofa version of the second discontinued Stockholm 3 seater couch still available at IKEA. Bemz does not make leather sofa covers (yet!) so for now, we don’t cover that particular IKEA Stockholm sofa. There’s also a new Stockholm sofa (which IKEA refers to as the Stockholm 2017 sofa). Bemz hasn’t created IKEA Stockholm 2017 couch covers yet, but if enough of our customers request it, we’ll make it happen!