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Sofa covers for IKEA Manstad sofa beds/sleeper sofas

Shop extra or replacement IKEA Manstad sofa bed covers and give your discontinued IKEA Manstad 3 seater sleeper sofa an upgrade with a brand new Bemz sofa cover.

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Replacement IKEA Manstad sofa bed covers and extra IKEA Manstad sleeper sofa covers for discontinued IKEA Manstad convertible sofas.

Shop replacement IKEA Manstad sofa covers online at Bemz and give your discontinued Manstad sleeper sofa a new look and a new life. With a selection of loose/cloth/fabric couch covers available in hundreds of colours, patterns and a wide variety of fabric qualities, there’s no need to ever throw your IKEA Manstad sofa bed/IKEA Manstad sleeper sofa away.

Bemz covers for discontinued IKEA Manstad sofa beds | Manstad sleeper sofas | Manstad convertible sofas

If you still have an IKEA Manstad sleeper sofa that you use a lot, its original IKEA Manstad
sofa cover might show its years by now.  A Bemz fabric sofa cover can provide an instant upgrade for your Manstad convertible sofa and transform it beyond recognition. Bemz makes cloth/loose Manstad sofa covers for the IKEA Manstad sleeper sofa, launched at IKEA in 2008 and discontinued in 2013. Bemz sofa covers are available in hundreds of colours and patterns, made in a variety of fabric qualities from 100% cotton to pure linen to velvet sofa covers and more. Bemz fabrics are made with a focus on 100% natural materials, and our fabric slipcovers are all machine washable and come with a three year guarantee. What’s more, a Bemz cover has a slightly different look from the original IKEA Manstad sleeper sofa, with a loose cover that touches the floor and hides the break between the seat cushions and bed/storage unit - for a more seamless style than the original IKEA Manstad sofa bed. What’s more, a Bemz sofa cover will slip easily over the IKEA Manstad sofa bed while allowing full access to the bed and storage unit thanks to the addition of velcro in a few ingenious places. Bemz covers for IKEA Manstad sleeper sofas are available for either Manstad sofa bed covers with left hand storage or Manstad sofa bed covers with right hand storage. The IKEA Manstad sofa bed does not have a removable slipcover. Bemz covers for the IKEA Manstad convertible sofa fit easily over the sleeper sofa’s existing, non-removable IKEA Manstad sofa bed cover.

Mini review and guide to the IKEA Manstad sofa bed/ Manstad sleeper sofa

The IKEA Manstad sofa bed is all about functionality and practicality. As far as usability review goes, the configuration is that of a 3 seater sofa with a chaise longue attached. It’s solid enough to be an everyday sofa but contains not one, but two hidden gems concealed beneath its seat cushions. The pull out bed (which fits 2 grown adults quite comfortably) is easy to access from under the 3 seater section. There’s also a hidden storage unit located under the chaise longue section, perfect for stashing a set of sheets to instantly transform the sofa into a bed. One important note in this review - the IKEA Manstad convertible sofa was launched as a next generation Fågelbo (available at IKEA from 2004 - 2008) and the Friheten (2016 - current) is designed as the successor to the Manstad. These three IKEA sofas look a lot alike but their dimensions are different, as are some of the details (the Manstad has 3 back cushions) so please don’t make the mistake of thinking that the covers are interchangeable (they’re not!). If ever in doubt about which IKEA convertible sofa you own, please contact us and we’ll help you identify it. If you’ve had any personal experience with the IKEA Manstad convertible sofa, we’d be happy to hear your review, so be sure to contact us and share your thoughts.